Dead Sea Minerals

Dead Sea Products: Perfect for your skincare regime

Dead sea salts and muds are great products to add to your day-to-day skin care practices. Rich in numerous minerals such as Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium, and Bromide, the therapeutic effects of the dead sea products are no longer a secret.

At Armani Gallery, we present a vast range of dead sea products that are perfect for all skin types—dry, sensitive, damaged, and oily.  From sagging skin, pimples, dry patches, to ageing lines, we have organic products that promises a solution to every skin problem.

Many studies have endorsed the use of dead sea minerals for quality skincare and address many other skin-based illnesses such as acne, psoriasis and eczema. We recommend consulting your dermatologist before using any therapeutic product on your skin.

Wide Variety of Dead Sea Skincare Products

We are a highly-regarded Australian supplier of dead sea products, ranging from skin creams to sunscreens. Dead sea salt and Dead sea minerals are the main ingredients that make our products a desirable option to enjoy healthy and glowing skin.

With countless benefits and high demand in the Australian market, our dead sea products are one of our bestselling products.

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Premium Dead Sea Products for Healing and Wellness

The Dead Sea has drawn the attention of healing and wellness experts for centuries.  Hiding a bountiful of rich salts and minerals, the Dead Sea has given us many benefits for healthy skin.

You can experience the similar transforming effects in the comfort of your home, with premium quality dead sea salt bath products. Being 100% organic, they are easy on your skin and do not cause skin allergy.

Pamper your skin with natural products extracted from Dead Sea Minerals from Armani Gallery.

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