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Lemon & Spearmint Essential Oil Loofah Soap

The Lemon Essential Oil soothes skin irritations, while the Spearmint Essentail Oil energizes and refreshes the senses. This soap, with

Rosemary Essential Oil Loofah Soap

Our Rosemary Loofah Soap has healing and regenerative qualities that are helpful in soothing many conditions such as acne and

Grapefruit Essential Oil Loofah Soap

Our Grapefruit Essential Loofah Soap is a powerful antioxidant soap perfect for sensitive skin, as it has gentle cleansing action

Lavender Essential Oil Loofah Soap

Scented with Lavendar Essential Oil, a natural aromatherapy remedy to relieve stress calms nerves and soothes the body. Ideal just

Salt Soap with Honey with Dead Sea Minerals

The Dead Sea natural soap with Honey contains a wealth of antioxidants to cleanse and moisturize dry skin, the soap

Olive Oil Soap with Dead Sea Minerals

This soap takes on Olive Oil antioxidant properties and Vitamin E age defiance content along with Dead Sea Salt to

Dead Sea Salts

Experience the all-natural mineral Dead Sea bath salts for total nourishment of your skin. They are 100% pure locally harvested