Eclectic Middle Eastern Lighting

Brighten up your space and set the perfect mood for your living area with elegant handmade Middle Eastern lamps and chandeliers. Our lighting options complete any home decor style and are handmade using the revered mosaic art that fuses hundreds of small coloured glass pieces. Perfect for creating welcoming vibes in restaurants, cafes, wine bars and other intimate spaces.

The Rich History of Mosaic Lamps

Lighting has been an integral part of the Muslim-Ottoman culture. For centuries, Turkish and Arabic mosaic lamps were used in Mosques, Bathhouses and other pious places.  From covering a standard oil lamp with tiny glass pieces to shaping them in a defined form, the journey has been transforming for all.

Hang it on the ceiling or install on the floor, mosaic lamps create a spectacular ambience indoors and outdoors. They infuse a unique and authentic character to wherever you install them.

How Turkish and Morrocan Lamps Differ

Typically, Turkish lamps are created by cutting minuscule size coloured glass pieces and shaping them in a unique form. On the contrary, Morrocan lamps use metal to create distinct patterns around the lamp.

Flowers and other intriguing designs on the lamps create a surreal light effect in the immediate surroundings and add value to your interior decor.

Add Beautiful Ambiance Indoors with a Mosaic Lamp

Create a striking impact in an otherwise uni-dimensional environment by installing a mosaic lamp. Use it as a decorative piece in your living room or gift an exclusive floor lamp to your friends and relatives.

Having a lamp with an elaborate coloured mosaic casts a beautiful reflection when switched on. Such ambient light creates an inviting and warm environment for people. A timeless piece of homeware, mosaic lamps are an ideal fit for home decor that creates a vintage feel with a calming aesthetic.

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