Traditional Middle Eastern Tea Pots

Discover a vibrant range of authentic tea pots sourced from the Middle East. The hand-crafted designs represent the enigmatic and endearing Turkish art and culture.

Turkish Tea Pots

Turkish culture is known for serving traditional tea in an authentic Turkish Tea Pots. Unlike a standard teapot, Turks use a set of handmade silver and copper teapots with lids to brew and boil tea leaves served warm with dates and sweets.

Our eclectic collection of Turkish and Moroccan silver teapots sets are a beautiful addition to your tableware and are worth the investment.

How to Make Turkish Tea Using A Teapot

  1. Pour water in the lower kettle and boil it over the top of a stove.
  2. Fill top kettle with a handful of tea leaves and put it over the lower kettle.
  3. Add half of the boiling water into the upper kettle to slowly brew at a reduced heat.
  4. Wait for 15-20 minutes as the steam from the lower kettle brews the tea.
  5. Pour some of the brewed tea into a small teacup. Add some water to dilute it further.
  6. Switch the heat to low to keep the tea warm.

Every Arabic teapot comes with a wooden handle. Enjoy the rich aroma of the Turkish Tea, add sugar if needed and savour every sip with delight.

Welcome your guests by serving Turkish tea poured hot from the kettle placed on a silver serving tray.  This friendly hospitality will leave behind a great impression on your guests. If you’re looking to surprise your friends or relatives, give them a classic piece of Turkish tea and coffee set.

We supply Arabic products for delivery everywhere in Australia. Every order is dispatched in 1-3 days.

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